> Slide Preparation – Speech Analyst

Date: December 09-10, 2020 

Slide Preparation Guidelines Download

Slide Preparation and Presentation Guidelines

  1. One of the authors must present the paper.
  2. Time allocation for each paper is 10 minutes (Six minutes for presentation and four minutes for question answering). Authors should strictly follow the time frame for the presentation. Otherwise, the paper may not be considered for best paper award. There are several best paper awards with good prize money and certificates.
  3. While preparing presentation slides follow the following guidelines:
    1. Introduction: 1 slide (Presentation time: 30 sec)
    2. Problem Statement: 1 slide (Presentation time: 1 min)
    3. Research questions or Objectives: 1 slide (Presentation time: 30 sec)
    4. Related work (you can address two most significant works related to your work with their contributions, limitations and significant difference with your work): 2 slides (Presentation time: 1 min)
    5. Methodology: 2-3 slides (Presentation time: 2 min)
    6. Significant results (if any): 1 slide (Presentation time: 1 min)
    7. Conclusion: (Presentation time: 20 sec)
    8. References (Just show): 1-2 slides (Presentation time: 10 sec)
    9. Acknowledgement (Just show)(if anyone to acknowledge): 1 slide (Presentation time: 5 sec)