> About project – Speech Analyst

Name of the Project: Acquisition and Analysis of Speeches to Identify Suspicious Contents

Funding Authority: This research project is funded and supported by the project ‘Establishment of IT Business Incubator at CUET’ via the Reference No. 56.02.0000., Date: 06/11/2018

Project Description: Speech is the most natural form of communication and interaction between humans. To attract and motivate people speeches are delivered by different people. Good, accurate and authentic speeches can guide people in right direction and can enrich their knowledge, patriotism and confidence level. As for example, one of the very few greatest speeches of all time in human history by our Father of the Nation, greatest legend in thousands years histories of Bangali nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 07, 1971 highly motivated the general people of East Pakistan (later Bangladesh) to fight with whatever they had for the independence of East Pakistan. As a result, we got an independent country Bangladesh within nine months.

However, misguided speeches can create big problems for the society, country and the world. Misleading speeches continuously creating numerous humanitarian disasters throughout the world. Misleading speeches became a serious problem for our beloved country Bangladesh. Considering this fact, in this project we plan to develop an automated speech monitoring system to reduce the number of misleading speeches.


The key objectives of the project can be summarized as follows.

  • To develop an efficient speech acquisition tool to record speeches as audio files.
  • To utilize an efficient cloud based storage system for storing huge volume of audio files.
  • To adapt searching facility of speeches to check speeches
  • To identify the language of the speech
  • To develop a tool for the conversion of speeches to texts for Bangla
  • To develop a text analyzer for suspicious speech detection.


  • The system will help in reducing the number of misleading speeches. As a result there will be a reduction in terrorist and antigovernment activities.
  • The system will provide a guideline for the government law enforcement authority to develop their action plan.